By using or interacting with the Backing Track Play Music Application Service, you are authorizing the receipt of advertisements, displaying third-party ads, and other content that points to sites.

The Play Music Backing Track Service allows you to share this app with friends, followers, or the general public, whether it's up to the user to decide whether to share it or not.

The user can send solos and songs of his own or his version to the email. This will be legally responsible for the content sent and is aware that it will not reverberate in financial income for the same.

The application has no restriction of use by age group, considering that it does not have a personal data record or access login. Therefore we alert those responsible for people under 18 that the application may contain some content inappropriate for this age group, with the role of controlling the viewing of this content to the appropriate legal guardians.

The user can uninstall the application when they feel the need, not culminating in any damage to it.

Occasionally, the Backing Track Play Music team may make some adjustments to the application which may have repercussions on changes to the Privacy Policy. Therefore, when such changes are made, the user will be informed by means of advance notice in the application itself. In this case, it is advisable to carefully read any notice available. If you do not agree to the changes, the user may uninstall the application, not reverberating any damage to it.

For further information on the Backing Track Play Music Privacy Policy or to obtain any information about the application, please contact us by email

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